by Arena Ready on February 22nd, 2016

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WOD for 02-23-16:

​Overhead Squat:

Front Squat:

Back Squat:

If performing this workout Rx/Black-level the goal is to increase the weight every set, for a total of twelve climbing work sets (i.e. the bar only goes up in weight). If that is unreasonable (be honest with yourself!) decrease the weight when starting the next movement, then climb back up again to a single in four sets.

An example of performing this workout Rx is as follows: 

OHS 4x135, 3x155, 2x175, 1x195
FS 4x205, 3x225, 2x245, 1x255
BS 4x265, 3x280, 2x295, 1x305

(Compare to 04-21-15)

by Arena Ready on February 21st, 2016

​The Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) is an exercise we don't utilize that often, but it is one of CrossFit's 9 foundational movements.  Sometimes the target of criticism, the SDHP done properly teaches forceful hip extension as a means to move an external load a long distance quickly - i.e. taking a loaded barbell from the floor and moving it to shoulder-level via explosive hip and leg drive.  Sound familiar?

Yes, all those cleans and snatches we do EVERY SINGLE WEEK in our programming accomplish essentially the same goal: move a large load a long distance, and do it quickly.   These complex, compound movements give us the ability to apply large amounts of force - and often the SDHP is used to teach this concept without the necessity of receiving the load in a position of support (either in the front rack in the case of the clean, or overhead in the case of the snatch).

At Arena Ready we snatch and clean quite a bit, so the SDHP only occasionally makes an appearance - and it's generally as a tool within the context of a conditioning WOD, loaded at a fairly light weight.  Regardless, athletes must maintain proper positioning throughout the movement to maximize safety and ensure skill transfer over to our other exercises - cleans, snatches, kettlebell swings, etc.

Shoulder retraction throughout the movement, and the ability to keep the elbows above the level of the barbell, are paramount for the SDHP - and the failure to do either results in poor shoulder positioning and possible impingement of the shoulder joint.  Even though the SDHP is but a small portion of Monday's WOD, we thought it important to post some videos of proper movement (courtesy of the folks at Rogue Fitness and Reebok CrossFit One) to help guide you through exercise.

WOD for 02-22-16:

15 Minutes to Establish a Heavy Triple


"Air Force WOD"
For Time* @ 95/65 lbs:
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

*Complete 4 burpees at the top of every minute, including the first (at 3-2-1 GO!).

(Compare to 04-10-15, 07-09-14, and 11-02-12)

by Arena Ready on February 19th, 2016

(Photo courtesy of Lisa G & Greg G)
A couple of days ago we covered exactly how The Open is going to go down at Arena Ready over five consecutive Saturdays (starting next Saturday, Feb 27th).  With that in mind, we can almost certainly guarantee you three things that you will NOT see in The Open:

1) A Partner WOD
2) Running (although a 5-10-15 shuttle or some such is not entirely out of the question)
3) The "Curtis P" Complex  

So, with that in mind, here's to the final 2016 pre-Open Sweaty Saturday at Arena Ready.  We'll catch you on the flip side of 16.5! 

WOD for 02-20-16:

​With a Partner For Time:
Run 800m (together)
60 Curtis P Complexes @ 95/65 lbs (split)
*Perform 4 Burpees at the Top of Every Minute (together)
Run 800m (together)

1 Curtis P Complex is:
Power Clean + Front Rack Lunge (R) + Front Rack Lunge (L) + Push Press

Partners must run both 800s together (i.e. both partners will each complete a total of 1600m running).  The Curtis P Complexes cannot start until both partners have completed the first 800m run.  The 60 Curtis P Complex reps are split, and can be shared/partitioned between partners in any fashion.  4 burpees must be completed by both partners at the top of every minute while completing the Curtis P Complex reps. Time is recorded when both partners have completed the second 800m run.     

(Compare to 08-22-15) 

by Arena Ready on February 18th, 2016

How not to spot the bench press.

WOD for 02-19-16:

Bench Press:

(Compare to 07-23-15)


Sprint Row Intervals:

Go every 3 minutes. ​Each interval is for time. Record the delta between your fastest and slowest intervals.

(Compare to 02-19-15 and 07-18-14)

by Arena Ready on February 17th, 2016

Brian C's awesome video of Open Workout 15.3 at Arena Ready last year.  
No, you don't have to be able to do muscle-ups (or double unders) to participate in the Open... but some of you might get your first one during the event!
Starting on February 27th, for five consecutive Saturdays, our daily WOD will be the current week's Open workout (for those of you who have done The Open at AR previously you know the drill).  On Saturday, February 27th we will do "Open Workout 16.1"... whatever that may be (we shall find out on Thursday, February 25th at 5pm, along with the rest of the world).  Every Thursday at 5pm the Open workout will be released, and the following Saturday we will do the WOD as a gym during Saturday classes. 

Each Saturday class during this five week time period will consist of multiple heats of the Open workout, and each athlete should expect to do the WOD during one of the heats and also judge a fellow athlete during another heat.  You are, of course, welcome to stay for as long as you like to cheer on other athletes as they tackle the WOD, or continue to help with judging.  These "Open Saturdays" are pretty energetic and are really fun days at the gym - and many AR members like to hang out for a few hours to watch, judge, and cheer for their friends.  We will continue to ask you to sign-in for class, just like any other Saturday, to save your spot during that hour.

If you're not formally entered in The Open you can still do the workouts at AR, and you'll participate in heats just like those of us who are registered for the event.  But if you plan on working out on Saturdays during those five weeks anyway you may as well sign-up and participate (officially) in the fun!
(Photo courtesy of oh happy dawn photography)
​It's one week before the first workout ("16.1") is announced, and it's not too late to register for this awesome worldwide event which you'll be able to participate in with your fellow friends and members at Arena Ready.  You can still register for The Open through the CrossFit Games website here (registration cost is $20):

When registering yourself please be sure to select Arena Ready CrossFit as BOTH your affiliate and your team, so that your profile appears on our team roster.  There are a couple of you who have already signed-up and are currently registered under our affiliate but NOT under our team - so please double-check!

​As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

WOD for 02-18-16:

​On a Running Clock...

A) At 0:00, AMRAP 10 Minutes:
20 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53 lbs 
40 Double Unders


B) At 13:00:
17 Minutes to Establish a Heavy Triple Back Squat

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