Find Your Swolemate

by Sarah on September 1st, 2014

A very special couple tied the knot this evening.  A huge and heartfelt congratulations to Lisa and Greg from your Arena Ready family!
In other news, today Rob and I agreed that it would be fun to do an EMOM snatch-off where each of us completed a single snatch rep within a minute, then increased 5 pounds for every minute until one of us was unable to continue.  We've done this twice prior, and Rob's won both times. 

Today we mentioned our plans to the group still present at the 11am Barbell/Open Gym classes and a few including Christos (video credit) hung around to help us egg each other on.  It was fun to have an audience, especially because Rob was able to hit a new  PR, and I was able to get under 2 PR attempts at 208 and 2 more at 210, and I managed my first victory after nearly 20 minutes of battle!  Having a group of people to cheer, and a training partner to encourage/inspire means the world.  With friends, nothing is impossible.   #FindYourSwolemate

WOD for 09-01-14:

AMRAP 20 Minutes, With a Partner:

Partner A performs the couplet:
5 Power Snatch @ 95/65 lbs
10 Lateral Bar Burpee


Partner B performs:
Run 400m

Score is the total number of rounds of the couplet completed.

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