That Guy: A Re-Post

by Arena Ready on November 19th, 2014

Last year our good buddy and former Arena Ready CF Endurance Coach, Rob L (AKA "Endurance Rob") wrote a cool blog post titled "That Guy."  For those who missed it the first time, here it is again.  Enjoy.
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That guy.

A few days a week I skip lunch and head down to the Y Embarcadero for an afternoon endurance workout. I normally leaving feeling pretty good about myself.

"Yeah that's right, I'm pretty awesome. Two workouts in one day. That's elite!"

It's right about then that it normally happens. This guy. This phantom wearing a camo weight vest and running at about a 6 min/mile pace passes me running right down 2nd street, dodging pedestrians.

This guy. This f@#$%! guy. I have no idea who this guy is but he pretty much kills my post-workout lovefest with myself.

When I was a kid I saw this Nike poster that said something to the effect of:

Somewhere out there someone is practicing right now, and when you meet him on the field he's going to win.

I wanted the poster really bad, but I was a kid and had no money. My mom promised to buy me the poster if I took first in the 100 meter IM in an upcoming swim meet. Short story shorter, I was touched-out at the wall and finished second. My mom didn't buy me the poster.

The moral of that story?

(1) My mom doesn't mess around.

(2) Maybe if I'd taken the message of that poster to heart I wouldn't have been touched-out at the line.

So often (and this is especially true in endurance sports) we spend so much time and energy thinking about things that will give us an edge:

These shoes are 2 grams lighter!

These socks increase circulation!

In wind tunnel tests these bike wheels are .5 seconds faster than others!

When all we really need is some dude in a weight vest haunting our workouts.

WOD for 11-20-14:

Back Squat:


For Time:
Wall Ball @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

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