2015 Goal - 1st Muscle-up?

by Arena Ready on January 8th, 2015


Two athletes accomplished this on Wednesday, crossing-off what many consider one of the tougher CrossFit goals for most folks.  Lindsay S ("Sparkle") converted her 2014 running-man-almost-muscle-up into a legit muscle-up for 2015.  Sadly a video camera was not rolling, but she did take pride in crossing-off an item from her 2015 list:
Really, Inferno?  I mean, how much ice cream do you actually eat?
Earlier that day Charlie was nailing it in the 7am class, hitting his first muscle-up and then easily repeating it on video - here is what was technically his 2nd ever muscle-up:
Congratulations to both of these athletes for a job well done!  Off to bigger and badder goals for 2015!

Parking Reminder During Construction on Connecticut Street.

WOD for 01-09-15:

3 Rounds for Quality (not timed):
6 Thruster (pick load)
6 Ring Row or Strict Pull-up
Run 200m (easy, medium, hard)


"Open WOD 11.6/12.5"
AMRAP 7 Minutes:
Thruster @ 100/65 lbs
Chest-to-Bar Pull-up

Rep scheme for the couplet increases by 3 each round: 3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12, 15/15, 18/18, 21/21, etc. until time expires.

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