"Muscle Head" At Your Service

by Arena Ready on February 12th, 2015

On Thursday Coach Hillary shared a great blog post from the good folks at CrossFit Rowlett in Rowlett, Texas with the caption "Muscle Head at your service".  It was authored by Gina Haddon, one of the contestants on The Biggest Loser Season 16, and was titled "I Was Wrong About CrossFit."  Here's a great excerpt:

... I was 100% wrong about the people in my Crossfit Rowlett . You see, when you drive by and the garage doors are open all you see are big dudes lifting these huge weights. What you can’t see is that strategically placed in the middle are females, moms, Grandmas, grandpas, beginners and teenagers. You see what I didn’t know is all these “muscle heads” are in the back, which is by the garage doors, so that they can help you and cheer you on when you are struggling. They get in the back as a courtesy so that your coach can see you to cheer you on and make sure you get the attention you need. These “muscle heads” are the best cheerleaders ever. They will yell out my name and tell me that I can do it. Yep I said it… they actually learn your names!!! They give me tips and tricks to help me with my workout. These “muscle heads” will also give you a hug when you have had a bad day or just need some words of encouragement. See what I failed to realize was that we all start where we start. And guess what??? Nobody cares! They only care that you care about yourself and that you keep coming back.

You see at my Crossfit Rowlett we are a family. When you don’t come for a couple of days people worry about you. Just ask me I know...

Coach "Muscle-Head" at your service
(Photo courtesy of hookgrip)
Many of our favorite moments as CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners are those times when we see newcomers have the "Ah Ha!" moment, realizing that the other athletes & coaches in the gym are here to help, support, and encourage.  We all know what it was like to start CrossFit, and we pretty much were all intimidated and nervous about struggling with being new and having to learn to "become comfortable with being uncomfortable."

This is the sort of thing that continues to inspire us every day.  Thank you, Coach Hillary, for representing this type of muscle head spirit day in and day out at Arena Ready.  Thanks to CrossFit Rowlett for fighting the good fight and representing what CrossFit can and should be all about.  Thank you, Gina, for sharing your awesome story.  And thank you to our amazing Arena Ready athletes/members and coaches for creating an environment of welcoming support and encouragement for any individual who steps foot into our gym.

WOD for 02-13-15:

Skill Focus:
Handstand Push-up


For Time:
Deadlift @ 225/155 lbs
Handstand Push-up

(Compare to 03-03-14 and 09-03-13)

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