Open 15.1/15.1a Reflections

by Arena Ready on March 4th, 2015

Our very own Brian Campbell documents 15.1 at Arena Ready
15.1/15.1a brought with it some incredible Arena Ready performances, and Open Saturday in particular was an action packed day of fun and fitness.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Brian C for capturing the energy and spirit of 15.1, and creating the short documentary film posted above - what an awesome record of the day we all had.

With essentially half of our gym participating in Open 15.1, it's safe to say that Arena Ready is an engaged community of athletes who are keen on supporting each other, and who bring out the best in all who train at our gym.  The inspiring performances during this first week of the Open were plentiful...

Brianne "The First Lady" crushed 15.1 and clean & jerked an astonishing 150lbs in 15.1a, making everyone think "did she really just have a baby?!"  Yes, yes she did.  And yes, she's still fit as heck and kicking ass.

Georgi made his way back into the arena after sitting last year out recovering from wrist surgery.  He blazed through 15.1 and totally scared us amazed us all with a one-handed clean into a mixed grip jerk, most likely setting the world record for a clean & jerk in that particular style.  After his tireless contributions judging heat after heat in the 2014 Open it was really special to see him able to test his own abilities alongside everyone else this year.

Coach Amy, a NorCal Regionals Top-10 athlete and national-level Olympic weightlifter - who is just 10 weeks post-surgery on her shoulder - reminded us all of the spirit of the Open... do what you can do and celebrate your participation and journey.  She performed 1 toes-to-bar and then muscle clean & strict pressed 90lbs (nearly 140lbs less than her clean & jerk PR) to register an Rx score.  She also completed the remainder of 15.1 scaled, showing our athletes that it's ok to participate even if your current era PR isn't quite where it once was.

We had athletes snatching their 1RM (or near 1RM) for reps - Natalie, Dave T, LGB, et al.  Kim showed her determination once again by snatching 75lbs (nearly 90% of her 1RM) over and over on her way to a score that puts her in the early running for Masters Regional qualifiers.  We had so many athletes at, near, and above their PRs for clean & jerk on 15.1a that it would take up a whole page to list all of their names - but a notable highlight was Coach Hillary breaking the 200-pound mark with a clean & jerk of 202 lbs following far more toes-to-bar than she would have liked. ;-P

We had newcomers and first-time Open athletes experiencing "Ah Ha" moments during the competition, realizing that with the cheers and loud applause from their teammates comes a deep respect and appreciation for someone new to CrossFit giving this whole crazy thing a go.  The high fives, fist bumps, and bro hugs represent the start of something cool for these newcomers - a lifestyle of fitness and chasing performance & health, and a community of friends and supporters who share the same goals... competitive people who couldn't be happier to see someone new do something they thought might be impossible.  We were all there at one point and remember how scary and fun it was.  Welcome to the party.

Thank you to all who participated, judged, cheered, photographed & filmed, and just plain hung out to be a part of the awesomeness.  We hope you join us again this Saturday, and for the next 3 Saturdays after that.  It's an exciting time of the CrossFit year and we're looking forward to even more inspiring performances over the next four weeks.

Open workout 15.2 will be announced on Thursday at 5pm.  Any guesses on what 15.2 might bring?

WOD for 03-05-15:

Push Press:


"Partner 4K"
With a Partner For Time:
Row 4000m

One partner rows while the other partner rests.  Work must be divided evenly (i.e. each partner must row a total of 2000m), but can be segmented in any manner (e.g. alternating 4x1000m, 8x500m, 16x250m, etc).

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