15.2 Reflections

by Arena Ready on March 10th, 2015

Much like last year when it was called 14.2, Open workout 15.2 (a repeat WOD from 2014) presented some big challenges for many athletes, as the overhead squat and chest-to-bar pull-up (or chin-over-bar pull-up, in the case of scaled athletes) are both quite challenging movements.  For athletes who competed in the the 2014 Open it was an opportunity to ask one's self the question, "are you fitter than you were last year?"  The answer to that question at Arena Ready was overwhelmingly, "yes, I am."

From those setting PRs with their first chest-to-bar or chin-over-bar pull-up(s) in competition (Catherine L, LGB, Leisa, Angela, Nevada, Ramsey, Tony G, Katy M, Milo) to those PRing over their 14.2 total score from last year (way too many to list here!), 15.2 was a huge collection of impressive performances.  It's fun to see the gym as a whole improve in this workout over our collective performances last year, as this wokrout in particular was one of our lowest scoring events in the 2014 Open, and that's certainly not the case this year.  A steady and careful increase in overhead and pulling volume over the last 12 months, coupled with your dedication and hard work made for a big improvement in this movement combo - a sign that you folks are getting better overhead, stronger in your shoulders, and more capable in this particular domain.  Nice work all!

Once again the amazing Jenny was on-site capturing images of our emotions - grit and determination in the face of challenges, heartfelt support for our fellow athletes, and passion for chasing perfromance.  We can't thank her enough for documenting all the action - a couple more shots are pasted below.

Brian C was also on site again, collecting the scenes and moments that made up the energy-packed day, and he's putting another short film together to document all of the awesomeness that was 15.2.  His piece on 15.1 was so fantastic that we can't wait to see what comes with his latest take on 15.2.  Thank you again, Brian, for all your hard work!

WOD for 03-11-15:

Strict Press:


For Time:
BUY-IN: 50 Double Under
5 Rounds of:
10 Push-up
10 Deadlift @ 185/125 lbs
10 Pull-up
BUY-OUT: 50 Double Under

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