The Best in The World on 15.5

by Arena Ready on April 7th, 2015

Those of you who did Open workout 15.5 can appreciate how lethal the combination was, particularly at high intensity.  At Arena Ready we were lucky enough to witness some fast times in the 8, 7, and even 6-minute ranges - and each time we saw how much our top athletes "hurt" after the WOD (just as we all did immediately after the final set of 9 thrusters).

We often see videos of the world's elite CrossFitters crushing workouts, but we don't often see the more human side of what occurs in context.  Here, CrossFit HQ/Media takes us through 15.5 with the world's two fittest men - Rich Froning and Mat Fraser.  It's pretty cool to see them get crushed by the workout, just like we all did!  It's a testament to the concept of "relative intensity" (pushing power output to the limit of one's own physical and psychological tolerances), and these guys hurt just as much as we did - but their relative intensity (for this particular test) lives in the neighborhood of 5 minutes and change, as opposed to our 10, 12, or 15 minutes.  

It's fun viewing for anyone who is a fan of CrossFit as a sport.  Some language is NSFW. 

WOD for 04-08-15:

Back Squat:
15 minutes to establish a moderately heavy set of 5 (not a 5RM)


Using 80% of your top set from above...

For Time: 
Run 800m
15 Back Squat
Run 600m
12 Back Squat
Run 400m
9 Back Squat

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