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This rep scheme can be confusing for some, so we wanted to spend some time explaining it to help those of you coming in for Tuesday's Front Squat WOD.  1-10-1-20-1-30 is six work sets, which do not include the warm-up sets prior to your first heavy single (the first "1"). 

What do I do for the sets of "1"?
A "heavy single" is just that - something that feels heavy for today.  It may be anywhere from 85-95% of your 1RM (or perhaps a bit more for the first set of 1, depending on how you feel after warm-ups).  The three heavy singles for this WOD may be all the same weight, or may be slightly ascending or descending in weight (depending on the individual athlete and how he/she feels following each previous set).

And what about those weird sets of 10, 20, and 30?!
For most athletes a helpful starting point for deciding the loading of the 10, 20, and 30 rep sets would be as follows:

-Heavy Single
-Set of 10 @ 70-80% of previous single
-Heavy Single
-Set of 20 @ 60-70% of previous single
-Heavy Single
-Set of 30 @ 50-60% of previous single

We are all special flowers.
Remember this is simply a rough guideline, and actual weights/loading will depend on the individual athlete.  You need to be honest with yourself and try your best to pick appropriate weights, and the coaches will watch and give you feedback on form, as well as advice on loading as needed.  In short, be smart, prioritize your movement first (good technique!), and work hard!  If you're a newcomer, haven't been training consistently, or are unsure at any point during the WOD, err on the side of lighter loads and try to make every rep beautiful.  This one will be a doozy any way you slice it!

Rest as needed but keep it moving, buttercup.
A few minutes of rest between sets will be critical, but make sure you're not lollygagging or you'll run out of time to finish the WOD.  And if it appears that you're actually trying to run out of time on purpose just before your set of 30 starts, we may institute a penalty of our choosing (insert evil laughter here).
Here are a couple of CrossFit main site videos of Tuesday's WOD to help you start to familiarize yourself with what you're up against. 
Get ready to SQUAT!

WOD for 04-28-15:

Front Squat:

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