Fitmark Features Coach Sarah

by Arena Ready on June 8th, 2015

Fitmark Feature
Fitmark recently featured Coach Sarah in an article titled "Breaking Records at The CrossFit Regionals."  It's a pretty cool write-up so click on the link to check it out if you have a few minutes.

The article contains, among other things, some insight into Sarah's diet, and how she adapted it during her early CrossFitting days, her competitive weightlifting season, and her current training environment:

“When I started CrossFit I did a ton of research about the Paleo diet, followed it very strictly, and successfully lost the extra 20 pounds that I’d been carrying as a hammer thrower. For the next three years, I could pretty easily manage my body composition within a few pounds using the Paleo diet – more compliant meant I would be more lean in a few weeks, more relaxed meant I would be less lean in a few weeks.

“When I started trying to cut for weightlifting, I realized that without structure around quantity, I was eating way too much fat, not enough protein and almost no carbs. In order to lose about ten pounds from an already fairly lean baseline, I studied to become a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and using the information I gained through that certification, combined with the parts of the Paleo diet that works for me (no added sugar, no gluten, dairy, or legumes), I upped my protein and carb intakes to between 150 and 175g per day, and managed my fat intake based on the caloric deficit I was targeting. I leaned out a lot, but I was having a hard time recovering and getting stronger.

“When I decided to get back into CrossFit, and stop trying to maintain an artificially low bodyweight for weightlifting in the 75kg class, I kept my protein target about the same, but instead of cutting back on carbs like I had in the Paleo days, I decided to focus on keeping carbs in my diet by eating fruit, white rice, oatmeal and Revive-Rx Recovery, which offers a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein versus the pure protein I’d used in the past.
“In combination, I’ve gained back about five pounds, but I recover better, I avoided overuse injuries leading up to Regionals, and probably most exciting, I’ve been able to maintain the strength I gained while weightlifting. I bombed out at Nationals last summer opening at 192, and I didn’t even have to walk on my hands and do two demanding workouts the day before that! I’ve also had much better stamina in CrossFit workouts – the muscle burn that used to cripple me long before my wind gave out is almost never an issue anymore.”

Tuesday's WOD is an oldie but goodie, and luckily Sarah was in the workout's demo video for CrossFit HQ a couple of years ago - so you get to hear some thoughts on the WOD from a familiar voice/perspective.  Watch the WOD and listen in on how Sarah approaches the workout, from deciding on what weight/loading to use, to helpful cues to focus on when trying to get through the last few reps.

Enjoy!  It's a tough one!

WOD for 06-09-15:

"Touch-and-Go" Power Clean & Push Jerk:

Work up to a moderately heavy set of 5 in order to gauge your working weight for "Gwen"


For Load:
Clean & Jerk

Rest as needed between sets.  Touch-and-go at the floor only (no resting/pausing, dropping, or re-setting).  Resting in the front rack, overhead, or at the hips/thighs is allowed, but both hands must stay on the bar throughout the entire set.  The hook grip will be your friend today! 

(Compare to 11-05-13)

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