Congrats to the AR Weightlifting Club!

by Arena Ready on August 3rd, 2015

Video credit: the unstoppable Coach Liz
Arena Ready sent 9 lifters to the Redwood Empire Championship in Cotati this past weekend, and our little team did not disappoint!  Huge thanks to Coach Liz, Jeff, and Coach Hill for their help in keeping everyone on track, and to the AR cheering contingent.  It was an awesome summer day up in Cotati, and a fun chance to enjoy participating in this sport!

Every lifter had something to be proud of, and I think everyone also came away wanting more.  It was a great chance to see some progress and to simultaneously get a better understanding of how much potential our team has.  I was very impressed with everyone - every single athlete set at least one competition PR.

For the numbers:
- Kathy made 31kg in the snatch (3kg competition PR) and 41kg in the clean and jerk (4kg competition PR) for a 7kg PR in the total.  Her total of 72kg would have qualified her for the Masters World Weightlifting Championship in her age group and weight class.
- Kim made 36kg in the snatch (1kg competition PR) and 50kg in the clean and jerk (2kg competition PR) for a 3kg PR in the total.  Her total of 86kg would have exceeded the Masters World Weightlifting Championship qualifying total in her age group and weight class by 19kg (lest you wonder how awesome this mini really is).
- Sarah D. went 3/3 in snatch finishing at 43kg for a 4kg competition PR.  She went 2/3 in the C&J finishing at 55kg. She ended with a 2kg PR in the total, and a gutsy comeback after fighting through a wrist injury over the past two years.  She's in great shape to seriously exceed her current numbers, and we're so happy she's back on the platform.
- Kate went 2/3 in snatch finishing with 56kg for a competition PR of 6kg.  She bombed out in C&J (but did CrossFit make all the jerks at 68kg).  She's starting to make serious progress in the jerk, so we know there's good things to come for the flying squirrel!
- Lisa successfully dropped down to the 48kg weight class without having to do any crazy cutting, and went 3/3 in snatch up to a bodyweight PR of 53kg.  Snatch went so well she bombed out in C&J, but was well within the range of qualifying for the American Open in training leading up to the event, so we're excited to see her come back in a few weeks and hit that total to complete this year's mission.
- In her first-ever weightlifting competition Angela went 6/6 (something I've still never done) and finished with lifetime PRs of 31kg in the snatch and 41kg in the C&J for a 72kg total.  She showed a great mix of determination and calm which really makes me excited to see how she progresses in this sport!
- In his first-ever weightlifting competition, Gary went 5/6 finishing with 74kg in the snatch and a lifetime PR of 100kg in the C&J for a total of 174kg.  It was super exciting to see him manage his nerves and emerge with some awesome lifts!  He'll be back for more both in the CrossFit and weightlifting arenas.
- Mike S. finished with 85kg and 115kg for a 12kg competition PR total - hitting the awesome 200kg threshold.  His lifts were well-executed, and he took big, gutsy jumps.  He's managed a busy schedule with a full-time job and a new baby, so it was really cool to see him succeed on the platform.
- Finally, Coach Hillary finished with a snatch of 70kg and lifetime PR C&J of 95kg for a PR total of 165kg.  She also made a PR clean at 100kg which was super awesome.  She's gunning for the PWA Master's record in the clean and jerk, and after watching her this weekend, I'm pretty confident it's going to be hers!  Also, as her first competition as a master, her total would have exceeded the Masters World Weightlifting Championship qualifying total by 53kg.  So she's pretty awesome too!

In all, a very successful weekend.  Congrats to all, and thank you for representing us out there.  If anyone's on the fence about competing, the next singlet-tastic weightlifting event for Arena Ready is tentatively set for October 11 at Max's Gym.  If you're interested please speak with a coach.

WOD for 08-04-15:

Strict Press:
Work up to a 1RM


Push Press:
Work up to a heavy-ish single (not necessarily a 1RM) 


Against a 5-Minute Clock:
100 Double Unders
50 AbMat Sit-ups
Max Rep Pull-ups

Score is total number of pull-ups.

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