Max's Open: Recap

by Sarah on October 12th, 2015

Sadly, we forgot to take a group photo of the two dozen or so AR peeps in attendance (lifters, coaches, and supporters)... but we did manage a pic of Coach Hillary (right) receiving her 3rd place medal.
Arena Ready Weightlifting had a strong showing on Sunday in Oakland at the 2015 Max's Gym Open.  Each lifter had at least one thing to be proud of, and as usual the Arena Ready cheering section was out in full force!

Gary started the day off by opening with a 75kg snatch for a 1kg competition PR and equalling his PR of 100kg on his second clean and jerk, for a PR 175kg total.  In his second competition, Gary was calm and composed - making PR lifts look super easy.  He's primed to hit bigger numbers soon!

The mini contingent was strong as usual, and although none of the three managed to actually total, we are quite proud of each of them.

Sarah D. made some great improvements to her snatch technique in the days leading up to the competition and even hit a new training PR of 100 pounds, but it didn't quite click on competition day, so her slightly aggressive 40kg opener in snatch ended up being a bomb out.  Having gotten that out of her system, she stuck to her plan and went 3/3 in clean and jerk (one of the hardest things to do in weightlifting, especially after bombing out) and hit a competition PR of 58kg on her second lift and a lifetime PR of 60kg on her third lift.

Kate "The Flying Squirrel" hit a national-level qualifying total for The American Open ("AO") in the 48kg class last year, and made a smart and gutsy decision to move the 53kg class for this year's competition season.  The qualifying totals increase by weight class, and in addition, USAW increased the minimums this year for women, so hitting the qualifying total was a long shot.  She agreed to an 8 week "adapt or die" training cycle to try to make it, and hit training lifts within 2kg of the necessary total.  At the competition, she opened aggressively to try to put herself in a qualifying position, and although only 1 of her lifts counted, a snatch of 54kg, she "CrossFit made" clean and jerks at 71 and 74kg, 3 and 6kg above her competition PR.

Lisa G. fought super hard and came super close to the elusive AO qualifier.  As is typical among weightlifters, she trains slightly above her weight class, but had a difficult cut unexpectedly, and showed up on competition day feeling significantly less than her best.  Even so, she put on her game face and went 3/3 in snatch finishing with 53kg.  She went 2/3 in the clean at 68 and 70kg, but sadly 0/2 in the jerk.  Had she made her final jerk she would have qualified for the AO.  Pretty impressive considering how she was feeling.  She will have one more chance in two weeks - wish her well if you see her in class!

Mike S. overcame some difficult training circumstances including illness and international travel in the weeks leading up to the competition and managed a 2kg competition PR total by snatching 92kg for a 7kg competition PR and clean and jerking his opener at 110kg.  He also "CrossFit" made 115kg and 117kg in clean and jerk, but got called for press outs.

Coach Hillary closed the day with some solid lifting, finishing with a 68kg snatch on her second lift and a 92kg clean and jerk opener.  She had solid attempts at 71kg in the snatch and 96 and 97kg in the clean and jerk - particularly the 97kg clean was a really impressive effort!  Her total gave her 3rd place overall as the miniest Super lifter since she didn't cut for this competition.  A nasty cold midway through the training cycle derailed her training a bit, but given her experience and awesomeness she took it all in stride and showed up to do what she could do on the day - attempting 2 lifetime PRs in the clean and jerk.

In all, everyone had something to be proud of this weekend.  We're glad to be associated with such an awesome group of people.  The sport of weightlifting is a lot harder than it looks: putting yourself on a platform with a barbell wearing only a singlet is actually the easiest part.  I'm proud of each of you for giving it your all throughout the training cycle, and in the competition.  I hope you've all learned something valuable about yourselves, and that you're proud of your accomplishments.

WOD for 10-13-15:

​Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats:
5 Sets of (1+1+2)


"First Round K.O."
For Time:
Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95 lbs
Lateral Bar Burpees

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