The CrossFit Liftoff & Halloween WOD Success!

by Arena Ready on November 1st, 2015

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

​A REMINDER that the worldwide "CrossFit Liftoff" competition will take place later this week, and we'll be hosting the events for our members/athletes at Arena Ready.  Last Friday you were able to test a heavy-isn snatch to see where things stand prior to the Liftoff, and on Monday we've programmed an opportunity to test a heavy-isn clean & jerk as well - this way you'll have an idea of what to expect when working up to your maximal attempts during the Liftoff.

If you'd like more information on the CrossFit Liftoff and/or want to register for the event (cost is $10 paid to CrossFit Inc), you can check out the Liftoff webpage and sign-up here:

If you register be sure to list/select Arena Ready CrossFit as your affiliate.  We'll be running heats of the Liftoff events (max snatch, max clean & jerk, and a met-con WOD TBA on Nov 5th) later this week as part of our class programming, so if you're on the fence about officially registering you may as well give it a go since you'll be doing the events in class anyway!
Our Saturday Halloween Team WOD, inspired by Stacey W's American Gladiator spirit, was a huge blast.  There were subtle & clever costumes, not-so-subtle ones, and everything in-between... and I wish we had taken more photos than we did to capture the energy and laughs in the gym on Saturday.
​Coach Alyssa LeBrock was in the house, and kept everyone in check:
Kathryn proved that Fonda CAN have a motor in the back of her Honda:
JoJo and Ada being adorable as always:
And, of course, the inspiration for it all... our American Gladiators with their trainer, Rex Kwan Do:

WOD for 11-02-15:

Clean & Jerk:
15 minutes for a heavy single


Against an 8-Minute Clock:
400m Row
4 ROUNDS  of "Cindy"
MAX REPS Power Clean & Jerks @ 155/105 lbs 

1 ROUND of "Cindy" is:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

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