New Shirt Order & Liftoff Events Finalized!

by Arena Ready on November 5th, 2015

Arena Ready Shirts
At long last we're finally ready to place another shirt order.  We're going with three primary designs - "the Definition," "the Raglan" aka "the Baseball T," and "the Surf shirt."

If you'd like to order, click here to go to Survey Monkey.  We're going to try American Apparel tri-blend tanks for the women, and to stick with Next Level for the other styles.  If you prefer something other than the options listed, please specify in your comments on the last page of the survey.

We're hoping to order by next Wednesday, so get the orders in!
These are "the Definition shirt" (top row and bottom left) and "the Raglan" (bottom right).
This one is "the Surf shirt."  It will also say Arena Ready in cool font to the bottom left of the stripes in white (see below).
CrossFit Liftoff
If you've been following the blog the past couple weeks, and training fairly regularly at the gym, you know that the CrossFit Liftoff was announced on Thursday evening and the events finalized.  We'll be using Friday's classes as an opportunity to do Events 1 and 2 (Max Snatch and Max Clean & Jerk).

If you are officially entered in the Liftoff (i.e. you registered on the Liftoff site and paid CrossFit your entry fee), please make sure you are familiar with the rules and movement standards - the videos covering both have been posted below for your viewing and reference.  Only athletes who are officially entered have to weigh-in (we can use the digital scale at the gym), and only athletes who are in the worldwide running for a prize have to record the events on video (so 99% of us can just ignore the rules about how to record the events).
You'll be paired-up with a lifting buddy in class for the snatch and clean & jerk, and if you're officially entered in the Liftoff your lifting buddy will also serve as your judge.

Liftoff Event 3 will serve as our main workout for Saturday classes - so just a heads-up for those of you who want to plan ahead.  ALL Arena Ready members are welcome and encouraged to come in on Friday and Saturday to do these workouts/events, regardless of whether or not you're officially doing the Liftoff!  If you're not registered then these will simply be some cool WODs for you to perform in class and record your progress.

Have fun, be smart, and lift well!

WOD for 11-06-15:

CrossFit Liftoff Events 1 and 2...

Establish a 1-Rep Max


Clean & Jerk:
Establish a 1-Rep Max

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