NY Times: When Some Turn To Church, Others Go to CrossFit

by Arena Ready on November 30th, 2015

Thanks to LGB for sharing this recent article from the New York Times titled When Some Turn To Church, Others Go to CrossFit.  It's a cool read, so make sure to click on the linked title for the entire article - here's a couple of excerpts: 

Ali Huberlie, a 27-year-old education consultant in Boston, awakens at 4:45 every morning to go to her CrossFit “box,” or gym, where she spends two hours. When she and her boyfriend, whom she met through CrossFit, went apartment-hunting, they chose a neighborhood near their box. This year, as a student at Harvard Business School, Ms. Huberlie wrote a case study about a founder of CrossFit that was incorporated into the school’s curriculum. And when Harvard Divinity School researchers were studying spaces other than churches that function as spiritual communities, they interviewed Ms. Huberlie.

“CrossFit is family, laughter, love and community,” Ms. Huberlie told the researchers, who quoted her in their study, “How We Gather.” “I can’t imagine my life without the people I’ve met through it...”

... Skeptics might scoff that CrossFit is just a gym. But in an interview this week, Greg Glassman [the founder of CrossFit] said that for many participants it is obviously much more.

“Down the road,” Mr. Glassman said, the core CrossFit values — which he defined as accountability, community and personal transformation — will “translate into, ‘I’m going to take my Camry into the Toyota dealer tomorrow, and will someone from the gym pick me up?’ And of course they will. ‘I’m going to move — will people from the gym help me?’ Of course they will.”

Ms. Huberlie described the CrossFit experience as an intimate, supportive one, in which cheering for one another to meet fitness goals was expected. It is a culture that can produce effects more often associated with church.

“There is something raw and vulnerable that happens to you when you go into the CrossFit gym,” Ms. Huberlie said. “A workout can bring you to your knees, so to speak.”

[Arena Ready editor's note: the article states that we are a franchise, but in fact, we are not.  Official CrossFit gyms are licensed affiliates, and are independently owned and operated.]
We tried to somehow fit this move into Tuesday's workout, but sadly the "Partner Weight Belt Tandem Thumbs Up Static Hold" will have to wait until another day.

WOD for 12-01-15:

​In Teams of Three... 

3 Rounds For Time:
50 Calorie Row*
60 Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53 lbs**
70 Wall Balls @ 24/20 in***

*One athlete MUST be in a static hang on the pull-up bar in order for another athlete to accumulate row calories.  If the athlete in static hang drops off of the pull-up bar the row MUST STOP immediately and cannot resume until an athlete is once again in a static hang.

**One athlete MUST hold the wall ball overhead in order for another athlete to accumulate KB swing reps.  If the athlete lowers the wall ball below the overhead position the KB swings MUST STOP immediately and cannot resume until an athlete is once again holding the wall ball overhead.

***One athlete MUST be in a plank hold in order for another athlete to accumulate wall ball reps.  If the athlete comes out of plank hold the wall balls MUST STOP immediately and cannot resume until an athlete is once again in a plank hold.

The reps for all three movements are shared, with one athlete working at a time (not including the athlete holding the static hang, wall ball overhead, or plank hold). 

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