5 Things a CrossFit / Weightlifter Woman Wants You To Know

by Arena Ready on December 21st, 2015

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Mini Rex is at it again, nailing it in her latest blog post titled "5 Things a CrossFit / Weightlifter Woman Wants You To Know​."  Click the link to read the entire post and hear Lisa's musings on strength, muscles, competitiveness, and pushing to be better every day.

Here's an excerpt:

... CrossFit has never been safe from the Interwebz and trolls, and there have been a lot of misunderstandings and myths that have been developed around what the sport is and does. I came across an article on a website called Eat to Perform where the author talked about 5 things a fit woman wants you to know, and thought I’d go one step further and talk about it from the context of someone who a) loves CrossFit and olympic weightlifting and b) a woman who continues to love the results from CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and being in shape. So, rather than allowing the relentless (and also very mean spirited) negative attitudes that I’ve seen on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I’m throwing in my lot and came up with 5 things that I, Lisa, want you to know about my enthusiasm for fitness, having muscles, lifting heavy weights and everything in between:

1) I think strong is sexy.
​One thing I’ve developed a strong appreciation for is strong women.  My gym is the best example of it; and strong doesn’t necessarily come in the form of being able to pick up heavy weights either.  There are a number of women at my gym who juggle a full-time job, being a mom, and being an athlete.  Women at my gym are incredibly inspiring whether it’s deadlifting 2x their body weight, besting the guys in their class, getting their first muscle up, or completing a workout as prescribed.  Too often than not, I’ve heard girls talk about how they want to skinny and how working out with weights “adds bulk” and isn’t sexy. I know everyone’s entitled to having an opinion on how they look, but honestly, I think it’s stupid and annoying.  So, yes, I think having abs is amazing, but so is having defined shoulder muscles to jerk weights overhead, being called Quadzilla and having a bubble butt to squat ALL the weights, and lats that look like wings to do as many of those kipping pull-ups everyone hates on. And yes, it’s OK to love all of those things and your Chanel lipgloss and pearls at the same time.

​2) I am my harshest critic and I push myself to be better every day.
I’ve been doing CrossFit for five years now and I am STILL learning. I’m still working on things that I’ve wanted to do from the very beginning, but I’ve also done some incredible things along the way that I never planned on.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that I’m able to do some of the things I’ve accomplished, especially when you throw in the fact that I had to take a year off to recover from back surgery.  Both Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit have taught me so much about myself, what I’m capable of, what I want to accomplish, and has brought countless number of happy moments and lifelong friends.  It’s also incredible to think that my quest to be better has a bright future and that there are so many things that I can still put on my to-do list. As athletes, we push ourselves to be stronger and faster, and we enjoy the process it takes to get to our goals.

​3) I earned these muscles.
I admit that I took this one from the Eat to Perform article, but this is definitely one that I think belongs on my list too.  Not once in my time as a CrossFit enthusiast and Olympic weightlifter did I try to find the quick shortcut to being stronger. There was no “magic” sauce, pills, or diets that got me to being able to do all of it either.  My muscles are built on early morning workouts, countless hours of listening to my coaches teaching me how to be better, lugging around things like my jump rope or lifting shoes on the road, and having the discipline to say “no” to unhealthy foods and drinks. And let’s not forget all of the blood (literally), sweat (A LOT of it), and tears (lots of those) that got poured into my muscles too.  There are days where the last thing I want to do is the workout that is on the board (especially if it involves rowing, wall balls, box jumps, or any awful combination of those), but my muscles were built on those times where rather than going back to sleep, I sucked it up and did it...
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BOOM.  Like we said, nailing it.

WOD for 12-22-15:

Strict Press:
15 Minutes to Establish a New 1-Rep Max

(Compare to 08-04-15 and 09-03-14)


10 Rounds for Time:
15 Deadlifts @ 135/95 lbs
15 Push-ups

(Compare to 12-08-13 and 12-18-12)

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