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by Arena Ready on January 14th, 2016

Wodapalooza 2016
As mentioned here a couple of days ago, Coach Sarah will be competing at Wodapalooza 2016 from Friday - Sunday in Miami, FL.  You can watch her and her teammates (fellow Pro GRID athletes and competitive CrossFitters, Ashley Beaver and Quiana Welch) battle it out in the "Women's Elite Team Division" via live stream at (it will cost you $20, boo).    

The official schedule for the events/WODs and heat times (as well as searchable info by athlete) can be found here on the Wodapalooza website.  Sarah's team "Straight Outta NorCal" is scheduled to compete at the following dates/times (listed in Pacific Time):

Friday, Jan 15th
10:24am - "The Big Chipper" (Heat 2, Flagler/Stage 1, Lane 6)
3:20pm - "The Little Chipper" (Heat 2, Bayside/Stage 2, Lane 12)

Saturday, Jan 16th
12:10pm - "The Swim Triplet" (Heat 1, Bayside/Stage 2, Lane 8)
5:14pm - "The Snatch Medley" (Heat 2, Flagler Stage 1, Lane 9)

Sunday, Jan 17th
8:01am - "Bars n Balls" (Heat 3, The Hill/Stage 3, Lane 3)  
11:51am - "Double Or Nothing" (Heat 3, Bayside/Stage 2, Lane 3)
CrossFit Games Open Registration is LIVE!
Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open is now live!  You can register through the CrossFit Games website here (registration cost is $20):

When registering yourself please be sure to select Arena Ready CrossFit as BOTH your affiliate and team, so that your name appears on our roster!!!

We are encouraging participation of all levels, particularly since this will be the second year that The Open releases scaled versions of each workout.  The Open provides a fun and challenging environment for friendly competition within the security and comfort of your own home gym - Arena Ready!  Even if you don't consider yourself a "competitive type" we encourage you to participate as a means of tracking your own fitness progress - it's an awesome way to see how much fitter you've become during your CrossFit journey.  Every year we have athletes of all levels participate, and The Open workouts tend to be some of the most fun-filled, supportive, energetic events at the gym - so be a part of it in 2016!  

Much more to come on The Open in the coming days and weeks, but for now if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact us or speak with a coach at the gym.
Just a small fraction of the crew from the 2015 Open, courtesy of oh happy dawn photography
​​Row'd Royalty Workout 16.2
The second event for Row'd Royalty 2016 has been released and athletes who are officially entered in the competition have until Monday (Feb 1st) at 5pm to submit your scores.  If you're entered please make sure you visit the Row'd Royalty website to familiarize yourself with the workouts (the video briefing is posted below), as well as the requirements for setting the monitor, recording times/scores, etc. Don't waste a great effort by not setting your machine properly! 

Athletes who are officially entered are welcome to come in to the gym on Saturday at 11am (during the Gladiators class) and/or Sunday during Open Gym from 9am-11am (please sign-in as usual) to get after it.  You can do both workouts in the same day or split them into two days if you prefer - it's up to you and how you would like to approach it.  For athletes doing both workouts in the same day, we would recommend doing 16.2B first, resting enough to feel recovered, then completing 16.2A second.  

Here are Coach Hillary's tips for 16.2A and 16.2B!

Row'd Royalty quick tips for Week 2: Do part B (5 min for meters) first and part A (6x250m) second. Take at least 10 minutes rest in between WODs if not completing on separate days. 

You just completed the 2k last week so you'll be well prepared for the 5min piece. Take your split from your best 1000m last week and try to hold that pace minus 1-2sec for the 5 minutes, stroke rate should be similar. 

For the 250s, stroke rate will go up 2-4, and your splits should be 5-10sec minus your best 1000m pace from last week. Go out hard on set 1, but not all out. Keep your pace within 1 sec for each set and try to improve your pace as you go if possible. This will be roughly 1:1 work:rest. Since we're not rowing for calories, I'd keep the fan setting the same for these 2 WODs (and not pull a Lavinia using 10 as your fan setting ;))

Have fun!

WOD for 01-15-16:

On a Running Clock...

A) At 0:00
3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
15 Deadlifts @ 225/155 lbs
15 Handstand Push-ups


B) At 18:00
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Double Unders
25 AbMat Sit-ups

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