by Arena Ready on February 10th, 2016

... And No One Else Will Ever Know.

Once in a while someone will ask us what the little bottle of stuff in the bathroom is for... well, it's called "Poo-Pourri" and instead of us telling you how to use it (and why) here's a video covering both topics rather candidly:
So do your #swolemates and gym buddies a favor - spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know.  Except for the fact that the bathroom will smell like Poo-Pourri, so... you know... some people will know.  But hey, it's better than it smelling like the alternative.

Yes, this is a real post and it's intended to be instructional.  If the topic makes you uncomfortable then thankfully, for your sake, it's officially over now.  

Let's exercise!  Who's gonna break Tony's gym record of 50 calories in one minute?!  And no, if you've done a 1 minute test on an AirDyne before it's not equivalent - the calories accumulate much slower on an Assault AirBike.  Enjoy! 

WOD for 02-11-16:

For Time:
60 Calorie Row
30 Pistols (total, alternating)
15 Hang Power Cleans @ 185/125 lbs


1 Minute Sprint Test:
Max Calories on Assault AirBike

by Arena Ready on February 9th, 2016

The good folks at CrossFit Milpitas - athletes in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s - discuss their goals for The Open.  What are YOU waiting for?  Sign up!
​There's lots of talk of "The Open" swirling around the CrossFit community because the 2016 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open begins on February 25th.  Last year nearly 300,000 people around the world participated in The Open, and this year will likely be an even bigger global fitness event.  As you know, Arena Ready programming is designed to prepare you for as many aspects of life as possible, and also to prepare you for the inclusive test of fitness known as The Open.

If you're interested in participating in the Open, you can sign up at  When registering yourself please be sure to select Arena Ready CrossFit as BOTH your affiliate and team, so that your name appears on our roster.  For five consecutive Saturdays (starting Feb 27th) our Arena Ready classes will be rolling heats of the current week's Open workout - so if you plan on coming in to the gym to work out on Saturdays you may as well sign-up because you'll be doing the workouts anyway!    

The Open can be a really fun and motivating experience.  We'll use it to create excitement around people's performances, around their new PRs, and around participation generally.  It's cool to watch people push themselves to be the best they can be, regardless of fitness level or length of CrossFit experience.  The scaled versions of workouts allow for a broad range of athletes to participate, and the nature of most of the workouts - usually AMRAPs - allows for just about anyone to register an official score, even if that score is one (good, hard fought) rep

We'd love for you to participate in the Open, and we want it to be a chance for Arena Ready to cheer for you.  We want it to be a chance for you to show yourself how far you've come, and perhaps where you have still to go.  It could be a chance to set a new PR, or a new goal for next year.  It shouldn't be a time to break the good habits you've been forming with regards to technique and strategy.  You shouldn't stress too much about it.  If you're preparing for The Open please keep safety first, keep the long-term goal in mind (fitness across all the years of your life), and continue to be smart about your training.  If you don't want to compete, but want to be a part of the event and the Saturday energy at Arena Ready during our heats of the Open workouts, please consider taking the CrossFit judges course (click here), sporting some AR fan gear, and cheering for the awesome people in our gym.

If you do happen to judge and cheer for your friends and fellow AR athletes during The Open we want to make sure that one thing is clear - FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS BRO REP.
Some language is NSFW, Bro.

WOD for 02-10-16:

Alternating EMOM for 5 Rounds (10 Minutes):
ODDS: 30 Double Unders
EVENS: 3-5 Dumbbell OR Kettlebell Strict Press, pick load


"Warren G"
AMRAP 12 Minutes:
200m Run
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc... Rounds of "Nate"

1 Round of "Nate" is:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53 lbs

This workout is ascending rounds of "Nate" preceded each time by a 200m run.  The athlete will progress as follows:
1 Round of "Nate"
2 Rounds of "Nate"
3 Rounds of "Nate"
...until 12 minutes expires. 

by Arena Ready on February 8th, 2016

2016 Golden State Games
"Team Sweaty Ready" finished in 4th place overall at the 2016 Golden State Games on Saturday.  It was an event packed with high level teams, including CrossFit Games teams, GRID athletes, and perennial Regional athletes - and it was hosted by the good folks at CrossFit 209 Sport in their incredible new 55,000-square foot facility (no, that's not a typo... the place is HUGE).

Highlights included Tony nearly making the Assault Bike take off by racking-up 50 calories in one minute (again, not a typo).  Coach Sarah cleared the snatch ladder (the only female athlete to do so), hitting an easy 200 pounds at the last barbell with spectators cheering.  Our friends Bri and JB (the other half of Team Sweaty Ready) both PR'd their snatch on the ladder, making 175 pounds and 235 pounds, respectively.  The foursome came from nearly 20 meters behind to win the sled push relay event outright, passing two teams just a few meters from the finish line.    

After four very challenging events, and a good amount of movement volume and complexity, the team fell just shy of the podium - but everyone was pleased with the effort and result.  Not bad for a team that was working out together for the first time ever!  Nice work, team, and congratulations on a great day of competition!   
Lisa: Why I'm Doing The Open
From her blog post Why I'm Doing the Open (click for the full post), here's an excerpt from our very own Lisa's musings on the upcoming 2016 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open:​

...Saturdays [during the Open] at my gym are electric.  I don’t know how else to describe it other than it’s buzzing with excitement and nervousness (or maybe that’s just my own jitters coming through).  I remember so many people who were able to cross off a lot of their “firsts” because of the Open.  For some, it was completing their first pull-up, chest-to-bar pull-up, snatch a certain weight, or just do the workout as prescribed.  For others, it was PR’ing their clean & jerk, finishing the round of muscle-ups, or beating their score on 15.2/14.2 from the previous year.  For six weeks, I camped out at my gym on Saturday mornings and afternoons and was able to judge and cheer on so many friends and competitors that I would almost forget that I had to do the workout myself...
​Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open is live!  The first workout will be announced on Feb 25th and we'll be running our awesome Open heats each weekend at Arena Ready for the five weeks that follow.  You can register through the CrossFit Games website here (registration cost is $20):

When registering yourself please be sure to select Arena Ready CrossFit as BOTH your affiliate and team, so that your name appears on our roster!!!

WOD for 02-09-16:

With a Partner on a Running Clock...

0:00 - 15:00
AMRAP 15 Minutes:
400m Run
25 Toes to Bar
30 Overhead Walking Lunges w/Plate @ 45/35 lbs

The work is shared and partners may spit the run/reps in any fashion they like. 

15:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 28:00
10 minutes to Establish a Heavy Single Front Squat

From a rack. Both partners establish a heavy single within the 10 minute time limit, and must start with an empty/unloaded bar.

by Arena Ready on February 7th, 2016

Tony and Coach Sarah teamed up with our friends from CrossFit Sweatshop, Bri and JB, and competed at the 2016 Golden State Games on Saturday.  A little re-cap is coming in tomorrow's blog post, but for now here's a team photo of the fearsome foursome! 
Many thanks to the 40+ folks who came by on Sunday to hang out at our Arena Ready Super Bowl party.  Go Broncos!  

WOD for 02-08-16:

Deadlifts @ 185/125 lbs

-rest 1 minute, then-

Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

-rest 1 minute, then-

Burpee Box Jumps @ 24/20 in (Box Facing)

-rest 1 minute, then-

Row for Calories

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, and is repeated eight times (over the course of four minutes).  Your score is the lowest rep count among the eight intervals.

This workout lasts 19 total minutes, including the 3 rest/transition minutes. 

by Arena Ready on February 5th, 2016

Golden State Games
Good luck to our Arena Ready team of athletes competing in the 2016 Golden State Games this Saturday in Stockton. Big Tony and Coach Sarah will be teamed up with our friends from CrossFit Sweatshop, Bri and JB, to form a team which will battle it out with some of the most functionally-fit foursomes in California!  Good luck team and have a blast!   

Super Bowl Party at Arena Ready
A reminder that our 4th Annual Arena Ready Super Bowl Party is this Sunday, February 7th, and all AR members and their loved ones are welcome.  Kickoff time for the game is 3:30pm, so we'll get started at the gym around 3:00pm. 

As in years past, folks can feel free to bring food and/or drink to share (we've had a pretty awesome potluck spread the last three years), and we'll also have snacks on hand to munch on during the game.  Check the private Arena Ready Facebook Group for the recent thread on who is bringing what to share.  Bring a camp chair if you prefer to sit on that instead of the floor or one of our chairs.  

Patti: A Journey Toward Wellness
Do yourself a favor for some weekend inspiration and watch this video.  Or better yet, grab a loved one - perhaps someone in your life who needs help getting on the path toward wellness and fitness, but may be intimated by CrossFit - and watch this video with them.  
Thank you for sharing your story, Patti.  You are an inspiration to us all.

WOD for 02-06-16:

For Time:
Power Clean & Jerks @ 135/95 lbs
*Complete 1 round of "Cindy" following each set of clean & jerks.

1 round of "Cindy" is:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-up
15 Air Squats

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